A special box of memories
A smell within your clothes
A shelf that holds a photograph
A paper you composed

A heart so filled with sorrow
A room where you once slept
A tragic day that happened
A truth I can’t accept

A wish that won’t be granted
A life left incomplete
A million teardrops fallen
A major life mistake

A smile not forgotten
A voice that can’t be heard
A family left with heartache
A goodbye without a word

A question left unanswered
A dream that I wait for
A sign that’s sent from heaven
A pain deep in my core

A journey of the heart
A song that brings on tears
A feeling of lost hope
A pain so hard to bear

A cemetery visit
A flower for your site
A thought of you each morning
A prayer for you at night

A laugh I long to hear
A remembrance tattoo
A day a month a year…
A lifetime to miss you

By Lyndie Sorenson
In loving memory of Joey and his heavenly buddies c2007