Hi all, Bonnie here. Welcome to another month of the BTS newsletter. This is my first time writing the front page as I normally take care of the youth page and the compiling of the newsletter.
I hope you had a nice and relaxing long weekend for Easter. A lot of us get carried away in the hype of the holidays and forget what they are really about. I personally took the time to thank my family for all their support throughout my life. It felt nice to give back a little and show them that I do recognise all they do. We sometimes get too carried away in our lives to recognise what is really important. To me that is my family.
Since my father suicided in 2006, my relationship with my mother and two brothers has strengthened as we understand how any day could be our last.
I have found since my fathers death that it is really important for me to be there for my brothers. I try to be there for all their big events as well, like Zac’s music performances or Jesse’s Taekwondo grading. For them to know that I am there for them as it is what I truly miss with my father. It’s true what they say about not really knowing what you have until it’s gone.
So, now I try to make the most of everyday I have with my family.

Bonnie xx